Wireless Plumbing Leak Detection & Water Flow Monitoring Starter Kits

The Wasens RSC-900 is a state-of-the-art wireless system for managing multiple leak detection points – water heaters, sinks, washing machines, etc. – in private residences and commercial properties. This scalable system does not rely on local wi-fi for detection and water damage mitigation, and it will keep working during a power outage. The system consists of a communications hub, water shut-off valve, water sensors and a free, user-friendly app that works on both iOS and Android smartphones. Models are also available for water flow monitoring to detect abnormal levels of water usage.

When a sensor detects a water leak, abnormal flow or near-freezing temperature, it sends its location, alarm type and valve status through local wi-fi to the user app and optionally signals the valve to shut off. Built-in scalability allows users to manage multiple systems and devices anytime through a single login on your phone. Ideal for multi-residence owners or commercial properties managers.

The Wasens RSC-900 is especially suited for the following applications:

Single-family homes, snowbirds, high-value properties, office break rooms, multi-family and condominium buildings, assisted living facilities, equipment protection for healthcare and dental facilities, fan coil heating/cooling units

Why choose the Wasens RSC-900?

  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Leak detection and protection keeps working during power outages*
  • Protects from and alerts you to both leaks and low temperatures that could cause burst pipes
  • Available water flow sensor monitors for excessive usage – don't wait for your water bill to arrive to figure out that you have a water consumption issue!
  • Web-based Central Monitoring Station available for commercial property installations
  • Available without shut-off valve for applications where you do not wish to interrupt the water supply; choose Wasens model RSC-900-W or RSC-900-W-WIFI

* For up to 8 hours.

Use the filters below to choose from a variety of standard valve sizes, sensor types and communications hub options. Models are available with point-of-contact water sensors or water flow sensors. Choose the Ethernet version for enhanced Internet connectivity or Wi-Fi for greater installation flexibility. Contact us about Wasens model RSC-900-W.

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