Water Leak Alarms

Our most basic level of protection is a FloodMaster water alarm that sounds when a leak or near-overflow condition is detected, with integration available to a security panel or BMS. Early notification of otherwise unnoticed leaks can prevent water damage and associated costly clean-up.

Thanks to the RS-096 water leak alarm’s magnetized water sensor design, the sensor can easily be installed at an elevated height for monitoring HVAC condensate pans. This allows a normal amount of water to accumulate in the pan, with the system only activating if there is a near-overflow situation. Place the sensor horizontally or vertically flush to the floor for immediate detection (1/16"), or install it at the desired near-overflow detection offset (suggested 1/2"). A through hole is provided on the sensor head for more tamper-resistant applications.

A battery-powered water leak alarm is also available (Model RS-095 – does not include dry contacts for security panel / BMS integration; water alarm only).

The RS-096 is especially suited for the following applications:

Residential drains and pipes, fan coil heating/cooling units, HVAC units with overflow pans, equipment protection for healthcare and dental facilities, data processing rooms, any area requiring leak detection and communication via a building management system

Why choose the RS-096?

  • Easy installation
  • No wiring required; simply plug into a standard wall outlet
  • Additional sensors can be added for a wider area of leak detection
  • Systems are reusable – when the alarm sounds, fix the problem and reset unit for continued protection
  • Can interface with an existing security panel or BMS
  • Plenum-rated kit is also available (RS-096-MK6)

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