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Water Leak Detection Systems for Condos & Apartment Buildings

Undetected plumbing leaks can quickly spread and cause a nightmare for tenants and managers of multi-unit residential properties.

Affordable plumbing leak detection and water damage mitigation technology is a smart investment for managers of multi-family housing, apartment buildings and condominiums. Undetected leaks can lead to major headaches as water quickly spreads across multiple units, displacing tenants and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Because large numbers of units are constructed at the same time, plumbing fixture and water heater failures tend to run in batches and cause damage across multiple units. The hassle of handling the cleanup, mold remediation and required repairs pales only in comparison to irate owners and tenants. When multiple water failure claims occur in quick succession, insurance companies are quick to increase rates or even drop coverage altogether.

ConcernUndetected Plumbing Leaks Lead to…
Increase RevenueVacancies during repairs; tenant complaints and poor reviews
Keep Quality Tenants HappyDisplacement, constant repair work and unpleasant living conditions
Control CostsSubstantial cleanup and repair costs, including possible code compliance updates in older buildings; increased insurance rates or loss of coverage

If you have suffered through the nightmare of an undetected water leak, or if you are proactively acting to prevent one, Reliance Detection can help. We will help you outfit your multi-unit building with the correct combination of water leak detection sensors, alarms, notification systems and automatic shut-off valves to give you and your tenants the peace of mind that minor issues will not spiral into complete catastrophes.

How can you stop water leaks in your buildings?

Call us at 888-771-4929 or fill out this short form to discuss your building’s plumbing leak vulnerability points, including…

  • Water heaters
  • Sinks, toilets & tubs
  • Washing machines
  • Refrigerators & ice machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Aging valves and pipes
  • HVAC condensate pans
  • And other water-fed appliances and plumbing fixtures

Case Study: Don’t Let a Simple Boiler Gasket Failure Become a $600k Loss

In an upper-floor mechanical room, an overnight boiler gasket failure quickly spiraled into $600,000 in damage, displacing several tenants. Learn how an investment in leak detection quickly paid off for this condo building when another gasket blew.

Case Study: Stop Water Heater Leaks from Ruining Your Bottom Line

One condo building manager received an unwelcome gift on Christmas Eve: a failed water heater on the 12th floor caused devastating damage to three units. Find out how an investment in leak detection protected this complex from skyrocketing insurance premiums and unbudgeted repairs.

Do you manage or own a multi-unit residential building?

For the past decade, we’ve been helping commercial property managers and owners incorporate water leak detection technology into their comprehensive Asset Management and Tenant Engagement strategies. Click here to download a free white paper to help you assess your building’s needs (PDF).

Looking for a specific product?

From wireless wide-area protection to single-appliance monitoring and simple water alarms, we’ve got you covered. Click here for our product selection guide.

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