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Plenum-Rated Water Leak Detection & Automatic Shut-Off Kits

Stop hidden leaking water heaters, chillers and water supply lines with MK6 Series kits

In commercial buildings, water-fed appliances such as water tanks, chiller and water-supply lines are often located in plenum spaces – the area between a drop-ceiling and the finished structural ceiling. Because of their location, these water tanks, chillers and supply lines are hidden from view and are therefore especially susceptible to the damage caused by an undetected water leak.

Local fire, safety and electrical codes have strict guidelines for installation of electrical devices in plenum spaces, typically requiring that all devices be hard-wired directly to their power source and that special-grade "plenum-rated" wires be used. These special requirements typically require a field retrofit to code, resulting in added time and expense.

RDT makes it easy and convenient to work within these challenging spaces with its plenum-rated FloodMaster MK6 series of kits for water heaters, HVAC systems and other common applications. These kits are also ideal for any application which requires hardwiring to a power source, such as for leak detection under sinks in break rooms. All MK6 kits include:

  • Plenum-rated wires for the water sensor, power supply and valve cable connections (as applicable)
  • A step-down transformer (120, 208, 240 VAC to 24 VAC) with mounting plate in lieu of standard wall wart
  • Pre-wired with basic connections to the power transformer and the sensor
  • An audible alarm for quick identification of the problem
  • All valves are suitable for potable water installations
  • Dry contacts (NO/C/NC) to tie-in to existing building automation and security systems

RDT is the industry leader in leak detection solutions for commercial spaces. The original plenum space kit offered by RDT – the RS-094-MK6 kit for water tanks – has been the go-to choice for plumbing engineers and mechanical contractors since its release in 2016. Every day, we help plumbing engineers, mechanical contractors and facility manager choose the best solution for their buildings. Contact us to discuss your unique leak detection requirements.

Standard Plenum Wiring Diagram:

Water Heaters & Water Tanks – RS-094-MK6

Protect against plenum-mounted water tank leaks with the RS-094-MK6. When a leak is detected, an alarm sounds, the water supply to the tank is automatically shut off, and a signal can be sent to the building automation/security system via a set of dry contacts. The water sensor and alarm/control receiver box are both installed near the water tank in the plenum space. Available in all standard RS-094 valve sizes (1/2", 3/4", 1" or 1-1/4"). Kit includes lead-free valve, receiver and sensor, plus step-down transformer (120, 208, 240 VAC to 24 VAC) and plenum-rated wires (8' sensor and 12' power).

The RS-094-MK6 is especially suited for the following applications:

Water heaters installed in plenum spaces or requiring hard-wiring for electrical code

Water Mains – RS-080-MK6

The RS-080-MK6 provides 12′ of plenum cable between the shut-off valve and the receiver box and sensor, making it ideal for any application that requires a valve installation up in the plenum, with power and leak detection sensing in the work space below. The alarm/control receiver box is installed alongside the water sensor below the plenum/ceiling. A common situation faced in many commercial buildings is the need for leak detection sensing under a break room sink, with access to the water supply line only available overhead. This is also a suitable replacement for the RS-094-MK6 where larger valve sizes are required. Standard valve sizes are 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3" and 4" (2-1/2" to 4" valves are butterfly construction). The RS-080-MK6 kit includes the standard RS-080 alarm box and sensor, plenum-rated power and sensor wire, as well as a 12' plenum-rated cable between the valve actuator and receiver/sensor.

The RS-080-MK6 is especially suited for the following applications:

Office break rooms, hotels, office and retail space, commercial water heaters with valve installation in the plenum space

Plenum-Rated Water Leak Alarm & HVAC Pan Overflow Alarm – RS-096-MK6

When a leak from any water source is detected in a plenum space, the RS-096-MK6 sounds an alarm and sends a signal to the building automation/security system. It can also be wired with an appropriate relay to turn on a light, turn off a pump, etc. This kit includes the standard RS-096 receiver and sensor, plus the MK6 series step-down transformer and plenum-rated wires.

You can easily protect against HVAC/water chiller condensate pan overflow with the RS-096-MK6. Simply install the magnetized water sensor in a vertical position, elevated 1/2″ to allow for a normal amount of water in the pan. If the water level rises above that, an alarm is sounded and a signal can be sent to the building automation/security system. There is also the potential to turn off the HVAC/chiller through use of proper relay (consult your unit manufacturer).

The RS-096-MK6 is especially suited for the following applications:

Fan coil heating/cooling units, HVAC units with overflow pans, equipment protection for healthcare and dental facilities, any area that has a valve installation in the plenum space and requires leak detection and communication via a building management system

RDT recommends that installations be completed by a licensed plumber to ensure that all local code requirements are followed.