Washing Machine Leak Detection & Automatic Water Shut-Off System with Integrated Outlet Box

The RS-070 and RS-090-E are complete, installation-ready solutions for managing and reducing losses caused by washing machine failures. Washing machine leaks and burst hoses can quickly overcome floor drains and catch pans, causing thousands of dollars in water damage in a short amount of time. The threat is compounded when units are on upper floors and in apartment buildings.

When the RS-090-E sensor detects a leak, the system will signal both the hot and cold feed lines to automatically close. A red LED lights up and an audible alarm sound. An easy push-button reset restores the water flow after the leak has been addressed.

The RS-070 is designed for easy DIY installation, no plumber or electrician is required. When the sensor senses washing machine leaks and automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent extensive water damage. The system is reusable and can be reset for continued home protection.

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New construction: multi-family buildings, condominiums, single-family developments

Why choose the RS-090-E?

  • Outlet box with built-in leak detection receiver for simultaneous hot and cold water automatic shut-off when a leak is detected
  • Includes pre-installed water hammer arrestors on both the hot and cold water lines
  • System is reusable – when the alarm sounds, fix the problem and press the reset button for continued protection
  • Insurance discounts may be available – contact your provider
  • Plugs into a standard 120V AC outlet
  • Why choose the RS-070?

    • Designed for easy DIY installation – no plumber or electrician required
    • Sounds an alarm and automatically shuts off both the hot and cold-water supply when a leak is detected
    • Compact, magnetized leak detection sensor fits nicely next to or under the washer
    • System is reusable – fix the problem and reset for continued protection
    • Plugs into a standard 120V AC outlet

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