DIY Washing Machine Leak Detection & Automatic Shut-Off Kit

SKU: RS-070

NOW AVAILABLE! The RS-070 senses washing machine leaks and automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent extensive water damage. This is a DIY kit for quick and easy installation on existing washer hookups* without the aid of a plumber or electrician. It includes these commercial-grade components:

  • 2 – 3/4" leak prevention valve units for hot and cold water shut off
  • 1 – Control/alarm box
  • 1 – Magnetized water sensor disc with 8' lead wire
  • 1 – Metal plate for sensor placement
  • 1 – 120V AC power plug with 12' lead wire

*The center points of the existing hot and cold valves must be more than 1-1/2" apart.

  • Designed for easy DIY installation – no plumber or electrician required
  • Sounds an alarm and automatically shuts off both the hot and cold water supply when a leak is detected
  • Compact, magnetized leak detection sensor fits nicely next to or under the washer
  • System is reusable – fix the problem and reset for continued protection
  • Installation may make you eligible for an insurance discount – contact your provider
  • Model RS-090-E is also available for new construction and finished laundry rooms, featuring an integrated outlet box and water hammer arrestors