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Water Leak Detection Systems for Commercial Properties

Controlling plumbing leaks can be an effective cost saving strategy for property managers.

Indoor plumbing leak detection may not be a major consideration for managers of offices, apartments and other commercial properties. But a single drop from an undetected water leak can quickly begin to wreak havoc in your buildings – with serious implications for your expenses, reputation, and revenue stream.

ConcernUndetected Plumbing Leaks Lead to…
Limit Unexpected ExpensesSubstantial cleanup and repair costs, including possible code compliance updates in older buildings
Control CostsIncreased insurance rates or loss of coverage; skyrocketing water bills and fines
Increase RevenueBusiness disruptions and shutdowns; vacancies during repairs
Keep Quality Tenants HappyDamage quickly spreads to affect multiple units; repairs require temporary displacement; potential ongoing issues from previous water damage
Maintain Good ReputationComplaints, lower ratings, and poor reviews; decreased building ratings

The good news is that catastrophic plumbing leaks are usually preventable. Smart deployment of water sensors, alarms, notification systems and automatic shut-off valves can help alert you to leaks and potentially hazardous conditions before it’s too late. Reliance Detection will help you outfit your buildings with the correct equipment to efficiently and cost-effectively manage water leaks – with possible discounts from your insurance provider to help improve your bottom line.

How can you stop water leaks in your buildings?

Call us at 888-771-4929 or fill out this short form to discuss your building’s plumbing leak vulnerability points, including…

  • Sinks, toilets & tubs
  • Beverage dispensers & ice machines
  • Water heaters
  • Medical/dental equipment feed lines
  • Washing machines
  • HVAC condensate pans
  • Dishwashers
  • Aging valves and pipes
  • And other water-fed appliances and plumbing fixtures

Case Study: Don’t Let a Simple Boiler Gasket Failure Become a $600k Loss

In an upper-floor mechanical room, an overnight boiler gasket failure quickly spiraled into $600,000 in damage, displacing several tenants. Learn how an investment in leak detection quickly paid off for this condo building when another gasket blew.

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From wireless full-facility protection to single appliance monitoring and simple water detector alarms, we’ve got you covered. Click here for our product selection guide

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