Dishwasher & Hose-Fed Appliance Leak Alarm & Automatic Shut-Off System

Dishwasher, ice maker, RO system and beverage dispenser failures can happen at any time, often without warning and hidden from view. These water leaks can cause substantial flooding and property damage if allowed to run for more than even just a few minutes’ time. The FloodMaster RS-092 alarm and automatic shut-off system is designed to minimize water damage when these hose-fed appliance failures occur.

The RS-092 is especially suited for the following applications:

Dishwashers, ice makers, beverage dispensers

Why choose the RS-092?

  • Rope-style water sensor for a wide area of leak detection
  • Detects hidden leaks to reduce or eliminate water damage and insurance claims
  • Avoid costly floor replacement resulting from long-term water exposure
  • 1/2" full port shut-off valve installs on the hard pipe feed water line between the manual shut-off and the hose line
  • System is reusable and testable
  • Choice of standard wall plug (MK1) or step-down transformer (MK2) to power the unit
  • Can interface with an existing security panel or BMS

Common installations include residential kitchens, commercial break rooms, residential water treatment and reverse osmosis systems, and commercial beverage dispensers in restaurants and food courts.

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