FloodMaster Dedicated-Use Water Leak Detection Systems & Water Alarms

Protect yourself against catastrophic damage from leaking water heaters, washing machines and other water-fed equipment.

RDT’s FloodMaster® dedicated-use plumbing leak detection, alarm, and automatic shut-off systems protect properties from extensive water damage in the event of water heater, washing machine, hose-fed appliance (beverage dispenser, dishwasher, filtration system), water tank, or other plumbing fixture failures or overflows.

RDT was the first in the industry to release a water leak detection kit specifically suited for monitoring in plenum spaces. Our FloodMaster MK6 series kits make it easy to detect leaks within these challenging hidden spaces.

The risk to homeowners, property managers, and facility maintenance managers is very real. The Wall Street Journal reports[1] that “old pipes and valves, worn-out hoses on second-story washing machines and faulty connections for a proliferation of water-using appliances are causing a surge in increasingly expensive damage reported to insurers. The increase has occurred even as many other types of claims—including fire—have declined in frequency, according to industry figures.” Economical, easy-to-install FloodMaster point-of-use leak detection products provide maximum protection with minimum disruption for a wide variety of applications.

1. The Wall Street Journal: “American Homeowners and Their Insurers Face a Flooding Crisis From Within”