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Plumbing Leak Detection Systems for Specifying Engineers

Specify water damage mitigation technology to protect your clients from the destructive effects of undetected plumbing leaks.

Indoor plumbing leak detection is a simple concept, but it is not a one-size-fits-all deployment. Specifying the right solution for your project requires an understanding of:

  • The potential water leak risks that are in play and what equipment needs to be monitored
  • System-related considerations such as access to piping and plumbing, appliances located in plenum spaces, and available electrical power
  • The required system response when a leak is detected – a simple alarm, automatic water supply shut-off, tie-in to BMS, etc.

Undetected indoor plumbing leaks can create costly insurance claims, rate increases, unhappy tenants, business shutdowns, and monetary fines from skyrocketing water bills. In fact, water damage is the #1 source of property losses for owners of offices, apartments and other real estate facilities.[1] Forward-thinking specifying engineers can educate clients and protect properties against damage from undetected leaks by employing cost-effective water leak detection technology.

Reliance Detection Technologies routinely works with engineers specifying leak detection for their projects. From wireless, app-based systems for wide-area monitoring to basic water alarms and kits dedicated to specific water-fed equipment, RDT provides reliable, easily deployed solutions for every space and budget.

Where are the vulnerabilities in your buildings?

Call us at 888-771-4929 or fill out this short form to discuss your project’s plumbing leak vulnerability points, including…

  • Water heaters
  • Beverage dispensers & ice machines
  • Washing machines
  • HVAC condensate pans
  • Sinks, toilets & tubs
  • Medical/dental equipment feed lines
  • Dishwashers
  • Aging valves and pipes
  • And other water-fed appliances and plumbing fixtures

Case Study: Don’t Let a Simple Boiler Gasket Failure Become a $600k Loss

In an upper-floor mechanical room, an overnight boiler gasket failure quickly spiraled into $600,000 in damage, displacing several tenants. Learn how an investment in leak detection quickly paid off for this condo building when another gasket blew.

Download Our Free White Paper

Whether you are designing a system for a single-family house, apartment building, commercial or municipal space, RDT can provide you with the resources to spec in a cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-install leak protection solution to meet the demands of the job. Click here to download a free white paper with tips for specifying leak detection and assessing your options (PDF).

Interested in a specific product?

From wireless full-facility protection to single appliance monitoring and simple water detector alarms, we’ve got your buildings covered. Click here for our product selection guide.

References: 1. According to Zurich Insurance data.