Wired Plumbing Leak Detection & Water Main Shut-Off Kits

FloodMaster RS-080 plumbing leak alarm and automatic shut-off systems are designed for localized leak detection (one room, one floor, etc.). When a leak is detected, the unit will sound an alarm and automatically shut off the main water supply line.

For more sophisticated monitoring across larger areas and multiple floors, please see the app-based RSC-900 for cutting-edge wireless plumbing leak protection.

The RS-080 is especially suited for the following applications:

Office break rooms, mechanical rooms, hotels, office and retail spaces, commercial water heaters

Why choose the RS-080?

  • Lead-free full-port valves available from 3/4” to 4” dia. (contact us for sizes over 2"); meets U.S. EPA Safe Drinking Water Standards
  • Supports multiple water sensors for a wider area of leak detection
  • Allows shut-off valve to be located up to 12’ or more from the leak detection point
  • System is reusable and testable
  • Plugs into a standard 120V AC outlet; plenum-rated kits (MK6 series) are also available for hard wiring
  • Plenum-rated systems are ideal solutions when leak detection is required under a break room sink, while access to the water supply line is only available overhead; also great for mechanical rooms, hotels, office and retail spaces and commercial water heaters
  • Standard dry contact output for fault notification to existing security panel or BMS

Use the filters below to choose from a variety of standard valve sizes and power options (standard 120V AC wall plug or step-down transformer for hard-wired plenum installations). Need an oversized shut-off valve (up to 4") or help choosing the right model for your application? Contact us!