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Facts About Reliance Detection Technologies

In an effort to address the ever-increasing demand for more sophisticated monitoring and detection capabilities from its FloodMaster® product line, Madison Company founded Reliance Detection Technologies LLC (RDT) in early 2015. RDT’s mission is to meet those increasing market demands by drawing on the depth and breadth of Madison Company’s 55+ years of engineered sensor design and application experience. RDT’s latest success is the state-of-the-art RSC-900 wireless leak detection, automatic shut-off and app-based notification system. RDT also assumed direct responsibility for all sales and promotion of the popular, industry-leading FloodMaster brand of leak detection systems.

The traditional FloodMaster leak detection products, combined with the feature rich, multi-purpose, wireless technology offered by RDT, uniquely positions the organization to offer sole sourcing to meet just about every leak detection application need and budget. Our combined product line runs the gamut from low-cost, simple water leak alarms, to appliance-based (water heater tank and washing machine) shut-off kits, up to the latest state-of-the-art wireless RSC-900 for complete home and facility monitoring. All of our kits are easily installed, affordable and highly reliable.

Our products are proudly Made in the USA and ship directly from our Branford, Connecticut location.

Click here for an overview of our product line. You can also visit the Madison Company website at www.madisonco.com to see the other liquid and temperature sensing and management products we offer.