Plug-In Water Leak Detection & Alarm System

SKU: RS-096

The FloodMaster RS-096 water alarm is designed to alert you if a plumbing leak or near-overflow condition is detected. Common applications include leak detection from water-fed appliances, plumbing fixtures and tanks/containers, plus near overflow situations at air conditioning, HVAC, HVACR and water chiller condensate pans. The kit includes these commercial-grade components:

  • 1 – Receiver box
  • 1 – Magnetized water sensor with 8' lead wire
  • 1 – Metal plate for sensor placement
  • 1 – 120V AC power plug with 12' lead wire
  • Alarm sounds in the event of a leak or near-overflow
  • Compact, magnetized leak detection sensor features a 1/16" stand-off to allow for air circulation and eliminate false alarms caused by humidity from the floor
  • Sensor can be installed securely horizontally or vertically on the included metal plate; offset 1/2" to monitor for near-overflow situations while allowing a normal amount of water to accumulate in an HVAC, HVACR or water chiller condensate pan
  • System is reusable, with an easy reset button
  • Additional water sensors can also be added to systems where a wider area of leak detection is required
  • Plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • Optional dry contacts (NO/C/NC) can be used for fault notification to an existing security panel or BMS
  • System can also be wired through an appropriate relay (not included) to turn off an HVAC unit to prevent overflow from further water accumulation in the pan




  • MA Board of Registration of Plumbers Approval Code # P3-0818-66

You are currently viewing the RS-096 kit, which is powered by a standard wall plug.

Standard Base Alarm Kit Configurations:

ModelSensorPowerSecurity Tie-In
RS-096StandardWall plugYes
RS-096-MK6StandardHard wiredYes