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HVAC/Air Conditioner Condensate Pan Overflow Detection Alarm

FloodMaster air conditioner condensate overflow detection and alarm systems sound an alarm when a sensor detects dangerous water levels in an air conditioning, HVAC, HVACR or water chiller condensate pan.

Thanks to the RS-096 water leak alarm's magnetized water sensor design, the sensor can easily be installed at an elevated height. This allows a normal amount of water to accumulate in the pan, with the system only activating if there is a near-overflow situation.

An optional signal wire can be wired through an appropriate relay (not included) to turn off the HVAC unit when the alarm is activated and prevent the pan from overflowing. A plenum-rated RS-096-MK6 kit is also available for working in those challenging spaces.

With an elevated sensor installation, the RS-096 is ideal for these applications:

Fan coil heating/cooling units and HVAC units with overflow pans

Note: Because an elevated water sensor puck is no longer required to monitor for near-overflow conditions, legacy models RS-097 and RS-097-MK6 have been discontinued.