App-Based Wireless Water Leak Detection & Flow Monitoring Systems

The latest in wireless water leak detection technology does more than just protect your entire property from costly water damage and excess usage. It also instantly notifies you of any issues (and allows you to manage the system) via a free dedicated mobile app.

Damage caused by indoor plumbing leaks can not only cost thousands in repairs, but can also result in:

  • Loss of property and equipment
  • Thousands of gallons of wasted water
  • Massive disruption to homeowners and tenants
  • Increased insurance premiums and possible reduced coverage

The RSC-900 detects unseen plumbing leaks, abnormal water usage or near-freezing temperatures and automatically takes action to minimize any potential property damage, sending immediate notification to your wireless device and optionallyshutting down the water supply. The system also sends automatic alerts when pre-set high and low temperatures are detected. Devices are battery-operated and communicate via a closed RF system (not wi-fi dependent), so you remain protected during power outages.

From addressable sensors to support for multiple shut-off valves and water flow sensors, the system leverages cutting-edge wireless technology to provide a dependable system that is easy to specify, easy install and easy to use.