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Wireless, App-Based Water Flow Monitoring System with 1" Valve & Wi-Fi Hub


Protect your property and protect your wallet! Monitor for visible leaks at water-fed appliances as well as hidden leaks behind walls, faulty flush valves, leaking faucets and more.

The Wasens RSC-900-F flow system is an environmentally friendly device that alerts you of excessive water usage via our free smartphone app. Don't wait for your water bill to arrive to figure out that you have a water consumption issue! This kit includes the following commercial-grade components:

  • 1 – Wi-Fi communications hub with 2 AA batteries
  • 1 – 110V power plug (hub)
  • 1 – Water flow sensor
  • 1 – 1" valve body
  • 1 – Flow-enabled actuator with 4 CR123A (3V) batteries
  • 1 – Long parallel mounting adaptor (valve/actuator)
  • 1 – Short perpendicular mounting adaptor (valve/actuator)
  • 1 – Emergency key (valve/actuator)
  • Supports up to 64 total wireless devices, including multiple flow actuators
  • Use preset Low, Medium and High flow settings, or customize to meet your needs
  • Optional water shut-off or simple notification
  • Fault notification and water usage trending (daily, weekly or monthly) sent directly to your smartphone via the free RSC-900 app
  • Operates via its own wireless system network – does not rely on local wi-fi
  • Administer multiple systems from a single app
  • Cloud-based Central Monitoring Station access is available for commercial multi-unit applications
  • Mix and match components to build the ideal system to meet your needs – additional flow sensors, point-of-contact water leak detection sensors and wire rope sensors

** This device is not intended to replace water meters; it is a tool to manage and reduce unnecessary water consumption.

RDT recommends that installations be completed by a licensed plumber to ensure that all local code requirements are followed.

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  • Communication Hub: IP Rating IEC60529
  • Valve/Actuator: IP Rating IEC60529; IP68; ANSI 61/372 (Valve)
  • Flow Sensor: ANSI 61/372
  • Mass. Board of Registration of Plumbers (The various approval numbers are available from the Manufacturer upon request.)

You are currently viewing the RSC-900-F-WIFI-1 kit, which features a Wi-Fi communications hub and 1" valve body.

Standard Base Flow Kit Configurations:

Choose an Ethernet hub for enhanced Internet connectivity, or the Wi-fi version for greater installation flexibility. Choose an RSC-900-AW series kit for wireless point-of-contact leak detection without flow sensing. Contact us for questions about which system to choose for your application!

ModelCommunications HubValve Size