Plenum-Rated Water Heater Leak Alarm with 1/2" Automatic Shut-Off Valve

SKU: RS-094-1/2-MK6

The FloodMaster RS-094-MK6 makes it easy to detect and automatically shut down water heater and water tank leaks in plenum spaces before massive flooding occurs. This kit is great for plenums, ceiling installations and other hard-wired applications. It includes these commercial-grade components:

  • 1 – Receiver box / actuator
  • 1 – 1/2" full port lead-free shut-off valve
  • 1 – Magnetized water sensor with 8' lead wire
  • 1 – Metal plate for sensor placement
  • 1 – Step-down transformer (120, 208, 240V AC to 24V AC) and all plenum-rated wires (8' sensor and 12' power)
  • Minimize costly insurance claims resulting from water heater leaks; automatically shut off the water supply to the tank when a leak occurs
  • Includes everything you need for plenum spaces and other hard-wired installs, including a step-down transformer and plenum-rated wires
  • Magnetized leak detection sensor fits nicely in the pan or under the tank; features a 1/16” stand-off to allow for air circulation and eliminate false alarms caused by humidity from the floor
  • Sensor can be installed securely horizontally or vertically on the included metal plate
  • Audible alarm sounds when a leak is detected; a signal can be sent to the building automation/security system via a set of dry contacts
  • Reliable, gear-driven automatic shut-off valve is less susceptible to failure from build-up than spring-driven valves
  • System is reusable, with an easy reset button

RDT recommends that installations be completed by a licensed plumber to ensure that all local code requirements are followed.

You are currently vieiwing the plenum-rated RS-094-1/2-MK6 kit, which features a standard water sensor, step-down transformer for hard-wired installation and 1/2" automatic shut-off valve.

Standard Base Kit Configurations:

1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1-1/4" valve sizes available for most kit configurations.

ModelSensorPowerSecurity Tie-InRecommended for
RS-094-xStandardWall plugYesPrivate residence
RS-094-x-MK1Wire ropeWall plugYesWide-area coverage
RS-094-x-MK6StandardHard wiredYesPlenum space / ceiling installations

Modified kits are also available for installations requiring an electrical plug or gas flow interrupter. Contact us for details.