Wireless Signal Repeater

SKU: RSC-900-X-200

Use the RSC-900-X-200 Wireless Signal Repeater to increase range or improve the signal performance between RSC-900 wireless devices and the communications hub. A maximum of 64 wireless devices (including up to 4 repeaters) can be added to each system/hub.

A number of construction and environmental factors can be responsible for weak signal strength in wireless networking. Much like a cell phone signal, the wireless sensor communication can be blocked by cement walls, metal panels and close proximity to devices that generate electromagnetic fields (such as motors, contractors or variable frequency devices). Use the wireless repeater to overcome such installation issues – either to triangulate a nearby device or to simply extend the signal range, up to an additional 200' – between any wireless device and the hub.

Note: As part of the standard installation process, the RSC-900 communication software will automatically determine if any device location(s) require the use of a signal repeater. The device/location requiring the signal repeater will be clearly indicated on the RSC-900 app, and a prompt for repeater installation/repeater QR code scan will be present.

  • Up to 4 repeaters per system
  • Powered by a 120V AC wall wart with battery back-up (2 AAA batteries – included)
  • Easy QR code scanning to add accessories to your existing system
  • Onboard LED indicators for low battery and lost communication, with push notifications to the RSC-900 app
  • Device name, location and photo can be stored in the app so there’s no guessing when an event occurs