Wireless Actuator & 3/4" Water Shut-Off Valve

SKU: RSC-900-W-310-3/4

Purchase as many Wireless Actuator assemblies as needed to accommodate your water supply shut-off requirements. This is a great option for RSC-900 installations requiring control of both hot and cold water feed lines. Wireless signal range is 200’ between the actuator and hub. A maximum of 64 wireless devices can be added to each system/hub. This kit includes:

  • 1 – 3/4" full port lead-free shut-off valve (also available in 1/2", 1" and 1-1/4" sizes)
  • 1 – Actuator with 4 CR123A (3V) batteries
  • 1 – Long parallel mounting adaptor (valve/actuator)
  • 1 – Short perpendicular mounting adaptor (valve/actuator)
  • 1 – Emergency key (valve/actuator)
  • Easy pushbutton or key to manually open/close the valve
  • Suitable for exterior installations (IP68)
  • Each system supports multiple actuators
  • Easy QR code scanning to add accessories to your existing system
  • Onboard LED indicators for low battery and lost communication, with push notifications to the RSC-900 app
  • Device name, location and photo can be stored in the app so there’s no guessing when an event occurs

Literature Downloads:


  • Valve/Actuator: IP Rating IEC60529; IP68; ANSI 61/372 (Valve)