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FloodMaster Auto Dialer Phone Notification System

SKU: RSA-600-003

The Auto Dialer device offers a convenient, low-cost way to send and receive automatic alerts whenever your FloodMaster system detects a water leak. It uses standard output contacts found on most FloodMaster leak protection units to trigger up to nine predetermined telephone number calls. Pre-record your own message for future playback during the call. The kit includes:

  • 1 – Auto Dialer
  • 1 – 12V DC power adaptor
  • 1 – Telephone cable (2')
  • 2 – Wire for connection to FloodMaster unit (8')
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Up to 9 (32-digit) user-programmable phone numbers
  • 10-second recordable message
  • Built-in tamper switch
  • DC adaptor with battery back-up
  • Programmable as a silent (dialer only) or audible (siren + dialer) alarm
  • Easy "Stop Call Sequence" – push # on your phone to acknowledge the alarm and stop the dialing sequence
  • For use with FloodMaster models RS-080, RS-092, RS-094 and RS-096
  • Requires a dedicated analog phone line