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Extra Wireless Flow Actuator with Flow Sensor & Valve

SKU: RSC-900-F-310-1

Purchase as many wireless flow sensor assemblies as needed to complete your RSC-900 water monitoring installation. This is a great option for situations where individual monitoring is desired on multiple water feeds within one building – such as monitoring flow to a particular unit, apartment, building floor or section. May also be used for monitoring side-by-side hot and cold feed lines.

This flow sensor aids water conservation efforts by pinpointing locations with abnormal water usage. Wireless range is 200' between the flow sensor assembly and hub. A maximum of 64 wireless devices can be added to each system/hub. This accessory kit includes the following commercial-grade components:

  • 1 – Water flow sensor
  • 1 – Flow-enabled actuator with 4 CR123A (3V) batteries
  • 1 – 1" valve body
  • 1 – Long parallel mounting adaptor (valve/actuator)
  • 1 – Short perpendicular mounting adaptor (valve/actuator)
  • 1 – Emergency key (valve/actuator)
  • Each RSC-900 system supports multiple flow accessories, water sensors and repeaters – up to 64 total wireless devices
  • Use preset Low, Medium and High flow settings, or customize to meet your needs
  • Sends push notifications to the RSC-900 app when abnormal flow is detected, with optional automatic shut-off
  • Water usage trending (daily, weekly or monthly) also available through the app
  • Easy QR code scanning to add accessories to your existing system
  • Device name, location and photo can be stored in the app so there’s no guessing when an event occurs

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  • Valve/Actuator: IP Rating IEC60529; IP68; ANSI 61/372 (Valve)
  • Flow Sensor: ANSI 61/372