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FloodMaster Wired Water Leak Sensor with 25' Cable

SKU: RSA-101-025

Additional wired sensors are compatible with most FloodMaster RS-0xx series units. Up to 5 additional sensors can be paired with an existing receiver box. Units have plenum-rated wire and ship with flying leads. This sensor features a 25' cable; 8', 25', 50' and 100' lengths are available.

  • Features a 1/16" stand-off to allow for air circulation and eliminate false alarms caused by humidity from the floor
  • Detection level is the same in either vertical or horizontal sensor orientation to the floor – making it ideal for tight or hard-to-reach spaces
  • Sensor housing has embedded magnets which adhere to the provided peel-and-stick metal plate or other metal surface in the desired installation location
  • A through hole allows the sensor to be screwed in place for a more tamper-resistant installation
  • Rope-style water leak sensors are also available