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Protect Your Dialysis Center or Home Dialysis Setup Against Water Leaks

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February 20, 2020 at 3:00:00 PM PST February 20, 2020 at 3:00:00 PM PSTth, February 20, 2020 at 3:00:00 PM PST

In recent years, dialysis has been moving out of hospitals and doctors’ offices into standalone clinics and even patients’ own homes. While the convenience is wonderful, there is also an increased risk of water damage from leaking hoses and filtration equipment. Inquiries about insurance claims from dialysis equipment-related leaks are on the rise.

Potential Dialysis-Related Water Leak Points

When we assess leak vulnerability in dialysis-related equipment, there are typically two areas of concern:

  • The “water room,” or filtration area – reverse osmosis machines that deliver purified water to the dialysis equipment typically run on 3/8” water lines, similar to an under-counter residential filtration system. A leaking hose, main supply line or other undetected RO system failure can quickly lead to major water damage.
  • The patient chair and dialysis machine – A common leak point is the connections where the water comes into the dialysis unit from the filtration system.

How to Protect Against Dialysis-Related Equipment Leaks

The good news is that RDT can outfit you with an inexpensive, reliable leak detection system to protect your clinic or home against damage from dialysis-related water leaks.

We have outfitted clinics with systems that feature a leak sensor at each patient chair/machine and in the filtration room. These systems feature audible alarms and include optional shut-off valves that automatically shut off the water supply to the filters in the event of an off-hours leak. They can even send an output signal to a building automation system or security panel if a leak is detected. Wireless solutions are also available with discreet wireless sensors and smartphone app-based leak notifications.

Home Dialysis System Risks

If you are having a dialysis system installed in your home, talk to us as soon as possible about how to protect your property against leaks. Systems to monitor home dialysis setups typically include sensors near the filtration equipment and the chair and machine areas, with an automatic shut-off valve on the supply line to the filtration system (as shown in the photo above).

Contact us to discuss your dialysis setup with a leak detection expert!